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Water Restoration

When your home or business gets flooded you may suffer from water damage. FloodLocal.com can assist you in repairing the damage through our water restoration process. The staff at Flood Local Water Damage will respond promptly and use the newest equipment and technology the water restoration industry has to offer. We must first remove the water and then start the drying process. We then work directly with you to complete the restoration process. 


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How Does The Water Restoration Process Work?

When your home or business has a flood there are a list of common steps that need to be followed. Below
is information on the process:

#1. Call Flood Local 

Our water damage hotline is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. With one phone call, you will be connected to a water restoration specialist who will dispatch one of our water restoration providers. Our water restoration process begins with this telephone call. We have our emergency call center that is available to you in an instant. When your home or business gets flooded you only have a small time frame to start the process before the damage gets out of control.

Preparing for the call. 

Please have the following information ready before you call. 

First and Last Name
Telephone Number
Home or Business Insurance Information
Street Address
Information on Flood or Water Damage


#2. On Site Damage Inspection

We will dispatch a team of water restoration professionals who will inspect your property and evaluate the damage. We will also investigate the source of the leak. By completing a water damage inspection on your home or business it will allow us to identify the problem and create a plan for restoration. There are several types of water damage depending on what color the water is. Our trained staff will survey the type of water with our industry knowledge. Once we have identified the type of damage we then will prepare for the clean up process.

#3 Water Extraction and Removal Process

Our water damage professionals will start to extract the water in your home or business by using high powered pumps and water extraction equipment. The bulk of the water must be removed in a quick time frame. The water must be removed quickly to prevent the risk of mold growth. We use high strength dry vacuums to remove the majority of the water. Once the water is removed we then inspect your carpet and padding under the carpet. If the carpet and padding are damaged we then will remove the carpet and padding immediately. By moving the wet carpet and padding it will help with the drying process. Once this is done we then bring in the drying equipment to start the drying process. We use hygrometers, moisture detection units, saturation meters and infrared cameras to detect water within the walls or structure of your property.

#4 The Drying and Dehumidification Process

After we remove the water from the damaged area we then have to start the drying process. Even though the water is extracted and pumped out the structure of your home is still wet within. Your home is built with wood, drywall and organic products that retain water and moisture. If the wood frame and drywall stay wet it can start to warp and damage the material. Depending on the type of flooring, you have your floors can also warp in the water damage process. The moisture needs to be removed as well as the visible water. We use all of the state of the art water damage equipment to regain the correct temperature of your home to dry all of the moisture out within the structure of your property. We have dehumidification equipment that will locate the hard to dry areas. We then monitor these areas to insure that the drying process is successful. We also turn on high-speed air blowers to create high-speed airflow across the carpets, pads and walls.

#5 The Cleaning Process

After the dry out process most everything in the damaged area will need to be cleaned and restored. We use different techniques for different types of materials. Your walls, floors and carpet will be restored back to new. We also clean any and all personal belongings that suffered from the flood. From your furniture to clothing we make sure and clean any item that can be saved. Some personal items such as pictures can't be replaced. We take pride in getting all of your items cleaned and restored back to new. Any items that can't be saved will be hauled off away including carpet and damaged furniture. Once the clean up process is complete we then start the odor removal process. With most every flood, there comes an odor. The deodorization process is one of the final steps in the water restoration process. Your home also must go through the sanitation process as well. We sanitize the damaged area to prevent micro bacteria growth and other harmful bacterias.

#6 The Restoration Process

After your home or business is cleaned the restoration process starts. In most cases, you will suffer damage to the paint, drywall, flooring, carpet and padding. Our staff of water restoration professionals will restore the building materials that were damaged in the flood. It is common to remove drywall for the drying process. We can fix and repair drywall, paint, tile, wood flooring and most any damage to your home or business. Our goal is to restore your home or business back to its original state. Any and all repairs that we can't fix we have preferred building contractors who can be referred to you during the water restoration process. We can handle the majority of the light building repairs and remodeling services. Trust the professionals at Flood Local water Damage to clean and restore your home or business back to a better then original state.

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